Getting things done: Embracing the two-minute ruleSustainable leadership: Navigating the eco-conscious business landscapeBreaking down barriers: Why gatekeeping hinders growth and innovationThe gift of ‘no’: How to prioritize and make room for what mattersDelegating with confidence: Building trust and enhancing team performanceEmbracing the unexpected: Lessons from Murphy’s LawFrom micromanager to leader: Shifting mindsets for effective team managementEmbrace growth: The art of receiving feedbackOvercoming creative block: Support your team in pushing past creative obstaclesHow to: Bring out the best in your introverted colleaguesJumpstart the day: Apply the ‘eat the frog’ methodBoost productivity with the Pomodoro techniqueGetting it done on time: How to set realistic deadlinesLeveraging the Theory of Constraints for improved workplace performanceRecognize employee burnout: Signs at the workplaceParkinson’s Law: Work expands to fill the time availableThe Dunning-Kruger effect: The psychology of overconfidenceDunbar’s Number: The theory behind social circlesHow to: Give motivating and engaging feedbackTalent fluidity: Shaping & reshaping your teamActive listening: Listen to learnGenerate new ideas by initiating a brainstorm sessionHow to: Get the most out of exit interviewsBridging the management-employee gapPromote a healthy work-life balance for your teamMastering time management at workChange management: Focus on why instead of whatA job well done: Sharing positive recognitionThe 15 best TED talks about leadershipHow to: Organize knowledge by building a second brainDeveloping habits to get your inbox under controlHow to: Create a welcoming and engaging office environmentThe ins and outs of employer brandingManaging internal mobility: Benefits and practical tipsHow to: Run productive meetingsHow to: Recognize and deal with fear of failure in your teamPractical tips on presenting to your board of directorsThe transition from front-line to second-line leadershipScrum and creative leadership: A combination that delivers resultsNavigating ethics in the workplaceManaging stress levels in your teamA step-by-step guide to firing an employeeThe difference between leading a small or large teamHow to: Retain talent in your teamCreative careers that are well-matched with leadership positionsManaging a remote team: Lead by distanceHow to: Effectively set up the offboarding processHow to: Set up a smooth onboarding processPreparing for growth: Leadership during team expansionHow to: Become more inclusive as a leaderHow does ego affect leadership?Meeting your new teamHow to: Act on quiet quitting employeesHow to: Measure the success of creative leadershipHow to: Become a leader in the creative fieldWhat to learn from other leadership styles?How to: Increase your team chemistryHow to: Encourage creative leadership in your companyWhat are the types of creative leaders?What are the qualities of a creative leader?How to: encourage your team to work together?What to learn from well-known creative visionaries?How to: Recognise and deal with imposter syndromeHow to: Set a vision together with your teamHow to: Recruit the right colleagues for your teamBenefits of applying creativity in leadershipHow to: Improve yourself as a creative leaderHow to: Empower your team to do their best workWorkplace challenges and how to overcome them

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Hi, I’m Lilian. I’m currently the head of a design team in a digital agency in Amsterdam and love to write about leadership and share tips based on my experience over the past couple of years.

Lead by design

I decided to start this blog as a way to share my thoughts on leadership. I’m passionate about helping others learn more about leadership and how to be a good leader, so I hope this blog will be helpful to those who are looking for tips and advice on leadership.

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